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Russian Baths in Seattle, Washington

What a fantastic place to leave! The guys in Seattle enjoy two top notch banyas that are only comparable to ones in New York

Downtown Banya in Everett, WA

Not Rated Not Rated

Address: 2814 Colby Ave, Everett, WA 98201
Map: Google
Phone:(425) 252-2692
Hours: Mon-Thu 11am-11pm, Fri-Sat 11am-12pm, Sun 2pm-12am; all CoEd
Admission: $30
Facilities: Russian, Wet (shvitz), Cold Plunge, Jacuzzi

Description from the owners

Downtown Banya recreates the authentic Russian bath experience and makes it available to enjoy in a modern urban setting. Downtown Banya consists of a bathing area with Russian sauna and wet sauna rooms, cold plunge, Jacuzzi, a full service spa offering massage services, scrubs and reflexology treatments and a full service restaurant with a lounge area.

Banya5 in Seattle, WA

Not Rated Not Rated

Address: 217 9th Avenue North Seattle, WA 98109
Map: Google
Phone:206 262 1234
Hours: Mon closed, Tue 4pm-11pm, Wed-Sun 10am-11pm; all CoEd
Admission: $35

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