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The space is limited - you have to have a confirmation prior to coming.

Send us an email at with desired date (Tue, Wed or Thu only), number of people, your name and contact number - we will respond with a confirmation.

The price is $90 per person

Russian Bath Platza special (New York only)

Do you want to experience what the real Russian Banya is about? We want you to try the traditional Russian Banya the right way.

The service is intended for a normal healthy American, it will be hot and cold, but nothing extreme. However if you have high blood pressure, a heart condition or sensitive to heat - you should not come.

For more info see FAQ below.


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What is NOT included?
Drinks, food, other spa services (you may take a massage or other Okeanos spa treatments on your own - call the spa for extra services).

What should I bring?
Nothing really. You may bring your own swimwear (the shorter - the better). Okeanos will provide you with it if you wish, as well as robe, towels, slippers, etc.

After scheduling the visit, do I need to follow up with the spa?
You are all set. You only need to contact the spa if you want to schedule extra services.