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Russian Baths in Miami

Russian baths are suprisingly popular with Latinos (and Latinas) who are the main customers in Miami. Hola amigos!

Russian And Turkish Baths (Miami Beach Bath House)

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Address: Castle Beach Club, 5445 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140
Map: Google
Phone:(305) 867-8313
Hours: Every day 12am - 12pm, all CoEd
Admission: $30
Facilities:Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Aromathrapy rooms, ocean water Jacuzzi, Ice Cold Pool, Sun Deck, Restaurant. Robes, slippers, towels are included

Russian And Turkish Baths (Miami Beach Bath House) shares the same name, same web site and same co-owner Boris Tuberman with New York Russian And Turkish Baths on East 10th street. While Russians in New York can find better (way better) banyas, Miami does not present too many alternatives.

See their promo video on MySpace.
Here's another video from "elimidate"

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