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Through perspiration the skin cleanses itself of impurities, and the heat that causes the body to sweat relaxes the muscles and consequently relieves muscular aches and pains. The heat of banya extinguishes bacteria on the human body, and this contributes to the fast healing of scratches, wounds and different traumas; moreover it takes off tiredness, nerve stress, restores strength, recovers good spirits and betters our moods.

Nevertheless in order to acquire these benefits we must overcome instinctive resistance of the organism to uncommon conditions of the steam room. Shock reaction ensues any time when the body gets into extraordinary conditions. Russian bath, while providing approximately the same effect of heating as in sauna, has got an indisputable advantage in the sense of minimal shocking effect because the humidity in Russian bath is 60-70%. This is normal humidity of the atmospheric air. And the steam in Russian bath is drier (maximally dissociated) than with the use of a steam generator, that also corresponds to natural conditions.

Venik in Russian bath plays a great role as regards warming up of the body and its massage. It improves blood circulation, intensifies skins capillary activities and metabolism. Venik leaves release phytoncides - biologically active substance that kills or depresses the growth and development of pathogens. Essential oils released by venik improve metabolism and prevent premature aging of the skin. more on venik...

Despite all its advantages, if used carelessly, the bath can be so soothing that heat prostration or the even more serious hyperthermia / heat stroke can occur. The cool shower or plunge afterwards always results in a great increase in blood pressure, so careful moderation is advised for those with a history of stroke or hypertension high blood pressure. Being temperate is the best approach if you have any of concerns about your health. more on how to bath...